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CRC 2017 Women's 7s Rugby LIFE vs. Navy2017-06-199:51
CRC 2017 Men's 7s LIFE vs. Wisconsin2017-06-198:24
CRC 2017 Men's 7s Rugby LIFE vs. Notre Dame2017-06-199:02
CRC 2017 Men's 7s Rugby LIFE vs. Arkansas State2017-06-198:42
Life U Fans Takeover CRC 20172017-06-191:20
CRC 2017 Men's 7s LIFE v St. Mary's2017-06-1911:44
CRC 2017 Men's 7s LIFE v Dartmouth2017-06-1910:54
CRC 2017 Women's 7s Rugby Final LIFE v Lindenwood2017-06-199:27
CRC 2017 Men's 7s Rugby Semifinal LIFE v Lindenwoo2017-06-198:21
Life University Running Eagles 2017 Penn Mutual 2017-06-191:41
CRC 2017 Kickoff Party2017-06-191:20
Life U Women's Rugby CRC Championship2016-06-0711:21
Women's Pole Vault2016-03-210:14
Monster Dunk2016-03-210:07
Final point2015-08-282:20
CRC Video 20152015-06-301:10
Life U vs Kutztown U - Women's CRC 20152015-06-111:14
Life U vs U of Alabama - CRC 20152015-06-1110:13
The Power of Rugby2015-06-113:19
Who is Life University?2015-06-110:30
Eagles' Nest Tour2014-12-190:35
Life U Rugby Field Tour2014-12-190:34
Life U Sports Complex Tour2014-12-190:27
US Women's Sevens Practice at Life University2014-08-221:53
Meet Cathy Faust - Head Coach for Cross Country an2014-08-222:09
Super Fans; Super Team2014-08-221:07
Life U All-American Latraius Mosley - Sick Dunk!2014-08-220:13
Life U Rugby - Never Give Up!2014-08-220:25
Life U Basketball Preview2014-08-221:20
Life U's Cam Dolan Turns Pro2014-08-220:54
Life U Wrestling Preview2014-08-221:15
Campus Tour - The Eagles' Nest2014-08-220:34
Campus Tour - Athletic Fields2014-08-220:27
Life U Rugby National Championship 20132014-08-221:46
Life U vs Navy - CRC 20142014-08-2213:06
Life U vs Va Tech - CRC 20142014-08-2215:02
Meet Dan Payne - Director of Rugby at Life U2014-08-212:32
Basketball 20th Reunion2014-08-212:51
Basketball 20th Anniversary2014-08-212:07
Life U vs Arizona - CRC 20142014-08-1914:14
Chiro Games - Go Life U!2014-08-170:17