2016-17 Men's Basketball Schedule
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  • ^ Exhibition
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Schedule for 2016-17 Men's Basketball
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
 48:00 PM vs. Truett-McConnell CollegeW-68-57stats1-0 Details
 Running Eagle Classic
 54:00 PM vs. Martin MethodistL-70-85recap1-1 Details
 Running Eagle Classic
 88:00 PM @ Concordia College SelmaL-78-79recap1-2 Details
 147:00 PM vs. (RV)Dalton State CollegeL-89-91 (OT)recap1-3 Details
 185:00 PM vs. Virginia State UniversityL-78-85 (OT)stats - recap1-4 Details
 218:00 PM @ Selma UniversityW-75-552-4 Details
265:00 PM @ (20)Lindsey WilsonW-85-81 (2OT)recap3-4 1-0Details
289:00 PM @ Cumberland Univ.W-73-67recap4-4 2-0Details
18:00 PM vs. (19)University of PikevilleW-70-59recap5-4 3-0Details
34:00 PM vs. (RV)University of the CumberlandsW-71-66recap6-4 4-0Details
 67:00 PM @ Edward WatersW-78-64recap7-4 Details
 104:00 PM @ Stillman CollegeL-66-96recap7-5 Details
 127:00 PM vs. Concordia College SelmaL-77-83recap7-6 Details
 207:00 PM @ Dalton State CollegeL-77-78recap7-7 Details
 37:00 PM vs. Stillman CollegeL-69-80recap7-8 Details
74:00 PM @ Shawnee State UniversityW-87-63recap8-8 5-0Details
98:00 PM @ (2)Georgetown CollegeL-74-84recap8-9 5-1Details
 144:00 PM vs. Selma UniversityW-111-66recap9-9 Details
188:00 PM vs. Campbellsville UniversityW-94-80recap10-9 6-1Details
268:00 PM vs. Cumberland Univ.L-68-71recap10-10 6-2Details
284:00 PM vs. (RV)Lindsey WilsonW-86-66recap11-10 7-2Details
28:00 PM @ (10)University of the CumberlandsW-83-7612-10 8-2Details
44:00 PM @ (14)University of PikevilleW-77-6413-10 9-2Details
98:00 PM vs. (3)Georgetown CollegeW-70-68recap14-10 10-2Details
114:00 PM vs. Shawnee State UniversityW-83-70recap15-10 11-2Details
 157:00 PM vs. Carver Bible CollegeW-90-64recap16-10 Details
 184:00 PM vs. Bob Jones UniversityW-84-72recap17-10 Details
 207:00 PM vs. Edward WatersW-95-80recap18-10 Details
254:00 PM @ Campbellsville UniversityW-61-47recap19-10 12-2Details
 32:00 PM vs. Shawnee State UniversityW-60-57recap20-10 Details
 Mid-South Conference Tournament
 4  vs. Lindsey WilsonW-98-97stats - recap21-10 Details
 Mid-South Conference Tournament
 54:30 PM vs. University of PikevilleW-78-63recap22-10 Details
 Mid-South Conference Tournament
 1510:00 AM vs. (24)Martin MethodistW-71-62recap23-10 Details
 Buffalo Funds NAIA Division I National Championship Tournament
 1710:00 AM vs. Hope International UniversityW-80-78recap24-10 Details
 Buffalo Funds NAIA Division I National Championship Tournament
 181:00 PM vs. Carroll CollegeW-73-71recap25-10 Details
 Buffalo Funds NAIA Division I National Championship Tournament
 207:00 PM vs. Louisiana State University-AlexandriaW-65-63recap26-10 Details
 Buffalo Funds NAIA Division I National Championship Tournament
 21  vs. Texas Wesleyan UniversityL-76-86recap26-11 Details
 Buffalo Funds NAIA Division I National Championship Tournament