2016 Girls Rugby Camp

 The 2016 High School Girls Summer Rugby Camp was another huge success!

The 2016 installment of the Life U Girls High School Rugby Camp saw more than 30 young players on campus for four days of intense training and instruction from an all-star cast of coaches. The camp concluded on Saturday with a live match among the attendees, and the results were nothing but positive for all involved.

As part of its larger mission, the Life U Women's Rugby program is committed to growing and improving the sport of rugby in the United States. After a stellar competitive season, which saw the Running Eagles reach the national semifinals in 15s, and capturing the USA Rugby national championship and the Collegiate Rugby Championship in 7s, head coach Rosalind Chou was looking forward to the camp and seeing the year-by-year progress made in youth rugby over the past 12 months.

"This was, by far, the most skilled and experienced group of campers we've had the pleasure hosting since the inception of our annual girls summer camp," said Chou. "This year we had a number of firsts: we had four home grown rugby players from the Atlanta Harlequins U-19 program attend; and we had five campers who traveled from Bermuda." Additionally, there were campers traveling from 10 other states: Minnesota, Texas, Washington, Colorado, New York, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

"The camp is one of my favorite events of the year and the campers made that experience wonderful. The collection of coaches was also fantastic. We were honored to have Kathy Flores, Cam Dolan, and AJ MacGinty come back and share their knowledge with our campers and staff. Our own coaches on staff, Andrew McNeil, Jake McFadden, Laura Miller, David Gannon, and Neethling Gericke, loved working with all the campers and did a great job preparing the teams for the competition the last day."

Several incoming freshman to the Life U Women's team were in attendance, and there are always a couple of campers who make a positive impression on the coaching staff, thus putting themselves in the mix for potential offers in the future. The skill level and physicality increases every year and Coach Chou looks forward to 2017.



Watch for news about the 2017 Girls Rugby Camp!