Running Eagles Social Media

The Life U Running Eagles can be found on a variety of social media outlets. We invite you to like, follow, view, share and chat with the individual teams and/or the Athletic Department. It's the best and quickest way to stay up-to-date on upcoming events, results, links to view webcasts and see pictures of your favorite Running Eagle!



Life U Athletics Program /running.eagles @RunningEagles LifeUAthletics
Basketball (Men's) /Life-U-Mens-Basketball @LifeUBasketball  
Basketball (Women's) /LifeUWomensBasketball @LifeUBasketball  
Bowling (Men's) /LifeUBowling @LifeUBowling  
Bowling (Women's) /LifeUBowling @LifeUBowling  
Competition Cheer (Coed) /Life-U-Cheer    
Cross Country (Women's) /LifeUXCTrack @LifeUXCTrack  
Rugby (Men's) /LifeURugby @liferugby LifeURugby
Rugby (Women's) /LifeURugby @liferugby LifeURugby
Soccer (Men's) /LifeUSoccer    
Soccer (Women's) /LifeUSoccer    
Swimming (Men's) /LifeUSwimming @LifeUSwimming  
Swimming (Women's) /LifeUSwimming @LifeUSwimming  
Track & Field (Women's) /LifeUXCTrack @LifeUXCTrack  
Volleyball (Women's) /LifeUVolleyball @LIFEUVolleyball Life_University_Volleyball
Wrestling (Men's) /LifeUMensWrestling @LifeWrestling1  
Wrestling (Women's) /LifeUWomensWrestling @LifeWrestling1  


Life U Athletics also has a SnapChat account: LifeUAthletics

Life University has a YouTube Channel: LifeAtLife

We will continue to add pages and accounts for our individual sports, so check back often and stay connected with us!