Life U Sport Science Institute

The Life University Sport Science Institute – LUSSI, for short – is Life U's own living sports lab. This is where science meets performance; where our own intercollegiate student-athletes and elite athletes from all over the world meet our team of leading sport health science faculty and staff; and where cutting-edge technology meets vitalistic philosophy.

LUSSI's faculty and staff work in partnership with athletes, using chiropractic and integrative sport science strategies to deliver optimum human performance on and off the field. And deliver they do – our Life U rugby teams and the trainers for the U.S. Olympic Weightlifting and Wrestling teams are just a few of the elite athletes and sport professionals who credit LUSSI with giving them the competitive edge.


  • Hold the understanding and principle that the human body is a self-organizing, self-maintaining and self-healing organism;
  • Focus on neurological evaluation and subluxation correction for optimal function;
  • Use chiropractic, ancillary and sport science techniques for kinetic chain integrity;
  • Assess Life U's intercollegiate athletes' strength, performance, agility, coordination, structure, function and application to determine potential and goals; and
  • Create a unique integrative, synergistic, science based performance center for Life U athletes through the combined efforts of faculty from Sport Health Sciences, College of Chiropractic, College of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies, the healthcare staff of LUSSI and experts throughout the world.