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Women's Wrestling Team Gets Boost from Donors
Women's Wrestling - Thu, Jun. 19, 2014

Last fall, Life University (Life U) announced it would be adding women's wrestling as a scholarship sport to its ever-expanding athletics program. Women's wrestling is an emerging sport in college athletics, and Life U's program is the first and only women's college wrestling program in the state of Georgia.

Building any athletic program can be difficult and for an emerging sport it is even more so. In support of a successful launch, generous donations have been made by three prestigious wrestling organizations for equipment and infrastructure. These organizations are: National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA), United States Wrestling Foundation (USWF) and Team Georgia Wrestling

Mike Moyer, executive director of NWCA said, "On behalf of the NWCA Board of Directors and our President Rob Koll, I want extend a heartfelt thanks to the administration of Life University for recognizing the educational value that women's intercollegiate wrestling will bring to their campus. Despite the fact that women's wrestling is one of the fastest growing high school sports, women's intercollegiate wrestling remains extremely underserved in the southeastern United States. We applaud Life University's administration for its leadership role in establishing these new opportunities."

Jeff Waters, president of the USWF said, "On behalf of the USWF's Board of Directors, we are thrilled to provide a startup grant for the newly established women's intercollegiate wrestling program at Life University. We fully expect that this new program in Georgia will prove to be the catalyst for many additional universities to add women's intercollegiate wrestling teams along the entire eastern seaboard."

Anthony Flatt, President of Team Georgia Wrestling said, "The Team Georgia Girl's Committee has worked hard the past few years to get more opportunities for females to wrestle females in this state. Having a collegiate program at Life University will further their initiatives and provide those opportunities."

The Life U women's wrestling team begins competing this fall in the 2014-2015 season, and has already signed multiple student-athletes to scholarships.