Olympic Development Academy

As rugby continues to expand and develop in the United States, the governing body, USA Rugby, has set forth a vision and strategy for competing at the elite level, such as the Rugby World Cup in 15s play, and the 2016 Olympics and the IRB Circuit in 7s play for men and women.  In attempting to not only identify, but also develop players to compete at this level, USA Rugby has set up a network of Olympic Development Academies (ODA) as part of the larger Olympic Development Program (ODP).


Life University (Life U) was recently selected by USA Rugby as an ODA, meaning talented players will train and develop their skills at the Life U rugby facilities as part of a feeder system to the player pool from which the 2016 US Olympic Team will be selected, as well as the ongoing worldwide IRB circuit for both men's and women's competition.


Alex Magleby, National Sevens Director at USA Rugby said, "Life University is a perfect match for our development infrastructure.  They have the resources, dedicated rugby facilities, and a world-class coaching staff.  And being in suburban Atlanta, they have a great location and access to the Atlanta airport.  All this makes them a great fit."


Life U Athletic Director Dan Payne said, "We are honored to be selected by USA Rugby as an Olympic Development Academy.  Our position in rugby has always been about growing and improving the sport in the United States.  We are happy to have the opportunity to serve as a conduit for the appropriately identified players of the southern states to help them to achieve higher levels of competition."


Players and coaches interested in more information about the ODA at Life U should email [email protected].